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Media freedom monitoring

MISA Lesotho compiles accurate and detailed records of media freedom violations and abuses as well as progress towards a free, independent and pluralistic media. We publish these as MEDIA ALERTS.

Media professionalisation

To help improve journalism professionalism and the quality of the media, MISA Lesotho holds workshops, conferences and trainings together with diverse local and international partners. We list TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES here.

Media legislation reforms

MISA Lesotho advocates for media legal reforms in line with SADC recommendations to help bring stability to Lesotho.

Access to information

Access to information is a fundamental human right which empowers citizens to make informed decisions about their lives, their communities and the future of their country.

Media and local government

MISA Lesotho’s Media and Local Government programme is designed to improve media coverage of local issues and thus contribute to civic participation and improving the effectiveness of local government.

Children and the media

Lesotho’s media has little space for children, something MISA Lesotho is working hard to change with a variety of activities that also involve bringing together children and media representatives.

Media and elections

The media play a particularly vital role during elections. MISA Lesotho works with journalists to improve their coverage of local and national elections, before, during and after the event.

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