What we do

MISA Lesotho seeks to promote freedom of expression, media freedom, media diversity, independence and pluralism in Lesotho in conformity with the 1991 Windhoek Declaration (PDF).

MISA Lesotho endeavours to uplift journalism standards in the country and to facilitate the economic self-sufficiency of Lesotho’s independent media. It promotes and defends media freedom and freedom of expression, takes appropriate steps where such freedoms are violated and removes obstacles and impediments to the free flow of information in Lesotho.

The organisation has a focus on information and communication, coordination and facilitation, research, advocacy and lobbying, training, technical expertise, resource mobilisation and defence of media practitioners in the country.

MISA Lesotho monitors and reports on violations of media freedom and, where necessary, provides practical support such as legal advice and representation to journalists who fall victim to such violations.

MISA Lesotho contributes to MISA’s regional state of media freedom publication, So This Is Democracy?. We also conduct an in-depth survey on the media in Lesotho for the African Media Barometer as well as research into the most open and secret public institutions.

MISA Lesotho also holds press clubs bringing together media professionals and leaders from various sectors of society.