Children in the media workshop, 12-13 Nov 2016

Children In The Media Children In The Media

MISA Lesotho will hold a two-day Children in the Media workshop. It will introduce participants to democratic decision-making, advocacy and lobbying for children’s rights, and engaging the media to advocate for child-friendly media reportage.

The workshop will be held on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th November 2016, from 0900hrs-1600hrs at MISA Lesotho premises, Happyvilla, House 1b, Maseru.

Workshop participants will be Children in the Media Child Ambassadors in Lesotho. The workshop is facilitated by an alumnus of the project from MISA Namibia, Emma Thoefelus.

The Children in the Media project has been running for the past six years with the aim of building the capacity of the media in southern Africa to report positively and informatively, and to form a base of knowledge and advocacy on child rights issues.

Children in the Media project is important in southern Africa where more than 50 percent of the population is below the age of 18 in many countries in the region. This increases the importance of the youth vote, both regionally and internationally.

With the Children in the Media, MISA Lesotho strives to create a safe space for the production of children’s media, sensitise journalists on child rights, and develop codes of ethics for reporting on children’s rights by promoting fair, honest and accurate reporting on the experience of childhood.

For further information:

Matselane Mosoaboli

Information and communication officer

MISA Lesotho

+266 2232 0941

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