Quthing community radio stations submits broadcasting license application to LCA

Quthing community radio stations submits broadcasting license application to LCA

Following suspension of a moratorium on issuance of broadcasting by the Government of Lesotho, Quthing Community Radio Station (QCR) has submitted a broadcast license application to Lesotho Communication Authority (LCA) today (24th April 2018).  The radio station is one of the three established by MISA Lesotho with financial support from Open Society Initiative in Southern Africa (#OSISA) Access to Information through establishment of Community Radio Stations project.

QCR also known as;

  1. Pheshakwe Qhilli,
  2. Emoshiya kwe seaka, and
  3. Mose ho Seaka,

will broadcast in four languages to serve a diverse community of Quthing district.

The district uniqueness in terms of cultural and languages diversity results from its situation as it shares a border with Eastern Cape Province in South Africa.

MISA Lesotho has purposefully chosen Quthing district to contribute towards conservation and protection of languages and culture which are regarded as minority in a dominantly Basotho culture and language in Lesotho.

QCR was tested in December 2017 and it covers radius of 50km. Due to geographical situation of the district the radio also covers some parts of Mohale’s Hoek district.

“We were advised to establish a second community radio station which will be based in Mphaki to cover areas such of Maqokho and Qhoalinyane.” said Annah Shale  Chairperson Steering Committee of QCR.

Other community radio stations in the project are at Semonkong in the Maseru district and Mokhotlong district. The other two radio stations are still behind in terms of preparations, but there are studios built on plots allocated by the districts local authorities. It is therefore hoped that they will be on air by end of winter.



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Annah Shale : +266 580 777 71

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