Call for tender for supply of community radio equipment

MISA Lesotho invites tenders from locally and internationally registered companies to supply on-air radio studio equipment for three community radio stations. Tender closes on Friday 19th February, 2016.

MISA Lesotho invites tenders from locally and internationally registered companies for supply and delivery of on-air radio studio equipment for community radio stations to be established at Mokhotlong, Quthing and Semonkong.

Description of equipment for On-Air Radio Studio

  1. Digital mixer, complete with set-up and programming
  2. Telephone hybrid
  3. Studio monitor active speakers
  4. CD/MP3 player
  5. Dynamic mikes
  6. Studio headphones
  7. Table mike stands
  8. Compressor for transmitter signal processing
  9. Professional software
  10. Laptop with Windows and recording software installed
  11. Professional 4-channel USB soundcard
  12. All cabling, wiring and connectors needed to connect this equipment
  13. 300 Watt transmitter (or a suitable transmitter to cover 30-50 km radius)
  14. High-Power Dipole HD100 7/16
  15. 25 meters low-loss 10mm cable (like LMR-400) with 7/16 and N-type connectors

Tenderers may suggest suitable equipment they have on stock for establishment of a community radio station. Please note that we are not specific with the make or model of equipment. All we need is the equipment that takes into account latest technological needs of a broadcasting radio station suitable for a rural community.

Tender notice ends on the Friday 19th February, 2016. Successful tenderers will be notified by email, on Monday 22nd February, 2016.

Inquiries should be sent to the National Director, MISA Lesotho on

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